Technology Contracting

  • Comprehensive legal advisory for digital transformation processes, paperless migrations, and electronic signature
  • Software development contracts, including agile methodologies
  • Negotiation of implementation, maintenance, and software support contracts
  • SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS agreements and cloud service provision
  • Data Center contracts (housing/hosting)
  • Technology services outsourcing
  • Support in the procurement processes for AI solutions; legal and risk assessments
  • Guidance in technology transfer processes and strategies for protecting intangible assets


  • Regulatory compliance diagnostics within the company; identification of gaps and proposal of solutions
  • Privacy compliance programs and risk matrices
  • Privacy by design for business models, products, and processes
  • Data processing agreements to regulate client/provider relationships involving personal data processing
  • Specialized privacy defense in courts or before authorities
  • External DPO services (Data Protection Officer or Data Protection Delegate)
  • Inter-company data flows and international data transfers
  • Comprehensive Privacy Policies
  • Privacy advisory for corporate transactions


  • Website and app terms and conditions
  • Online contracting and electronic signatures
  • Privacy policies
  • Regulatory aspects of e-commerce, including guidance on Consumer Protection Law, Electronic Commerce Regulation, and restrictions related to abusive clauses and dark patterns
  • Cookie policies
  • Online advertising and digital marketing
  • Website design registration


  • Regulatory advisory in information security and cybersecurity
  • Response to security incidents and breach reporting in regulated markets: financial, telecommunications, electrical, insurance, etc
  • Preventive cybersecurity advice: incident response plans, policy preparation, and vendor management
  • Responding to information requests, audits, or subpoenas related to cybersecurity and privacy requirements

Fintech and Financial Services

  • Legal and regulatory advisory in payments and remittances, digital banking, financial infrastructure, credits, savings, and investment, among other financial services
  • Open Finance and Open Data: legal guidance in the implementation and participation in open finance systems in Chile and abroad
  • Strategic and corporate consulting for financial technology business models, including startups and traditional financial institutions
  • Representation and support before sector-specific regulatory bodies
  • Preparation, design, and negotiation of financial-technology contracts
  • Advisory in crypto, stablecoins, blockchain, AI, DeFi, and tokenization